WPC Cladding work in Dubai

WPC Cladding work in Dubai

The Look and Feel of Real Wood Comes at a Price

Wood is expensive and requires ongoing, costly maintenance.

The family deck has to be stained and waterproofed with toxic chemicals

The wooden siding needs expensive paint job every few an years so

Wooden fencing requires constant repair, and fime-consuming paint jobs to keep up appearances

Real wood accents add to the cost of any home improvement or new construction.

You have less time to enjoy your family and your home because your exterior wood always needs something.

The planet suffers as more wood is harvestd to meet the ever-growing demand for naturallooking wood.

NewTechWood uses select, recycled, high-density plastics,

combined with recycled wood products, to create a composite wood substitute that drops your energy footprint to zero so

NewTechWood have made from recycle materials, and it’s 100% recyclable down the line

When you want the look of real wood, but you don’t want the headaches of maintaining that beautiful façade, NewTechWood solves the problem.

NewTechWood with Naturale lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and it puts recycled materials to good creating the natural look of wood without all the work

What Makes NewTechWood the Smart Green Choice?

Product is producing using 95% recycled materials including plastic bottles, reclaimed wood fibers, and other products that would normally end up in a landfill.

NewTechWood undertakes annual, third-party audits to assure compliance with envi ronmental, health, and safety regulations and guidelines greener alternative to wood building products that deplete the planet’s – a demonstration of our commitment to a resources.

your home’s carbon footprint by using recycled materials constructing to be recycle again in the future

When you want the look of original wood, but you don’t want the maintenance issue of maintaining that beautiful façade, NewTechWood solves the problem

Company have showroom in Union mall so customer can sellect items easily

All work samples displayed in company showroom so find easily sellect models

Company sales executive will come your place to showing designs and further discusion so it’s helpful for customers

Contact for more information sale@tecky.online


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