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Water Proof Ultra Leak Proof Solution EX 2000

Water Proof Ultra Leak Proof Solution EX 2000

Proof Leak Proof Solution EX 2000

Ultra Water Proof Leak Proof Solution EX 2000 is a newly developed formula based on acrylic cementitious protective coating for the waterproofing of RCC Roofing and Bathrooms. It forms a seamless, durable membrane with excellent waterproofing protection. It is an environment-friendly, non toxically waterproof coating provides strong adhesion.

Recommended Use:

Water Proof

RCC Roofing, Bathroom floor, and walls.
Basement retaining walls.
Pile Heads.
Structural surfaces of cellars.
Concrete roof slabs, floors, balcony floor slabs.
Water tanks and swimming pools.
Bridge decks.
Canals and dam walls.
Structural surfaces of dikes.
The waterproof coating (bottom coat)
for marble, granite and other natural stones.
Suitable for steam room waterproofing.
Sewage treatment plants.

Waterproofing solution for special applications such as areas where more thick plaster application is needed.

Features & Benefits
Flexibility – Provides a flexible & low permeable coating.
Water permeability – Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
Slip-resistant – Provides slip-resistant coating.
Waterproof – Waterproof for concrete structures.

Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.
Diffusion – Excellent resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbondioxide.
Low temperature resistant – Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.
Carbonation – Prevents carbonation of cement concrete.

Method of Application

Surface preparation waterproof

  1. Application waterproof
    The surface must be strong & free dirt, dust & lose particles. Thoroughly wire brush the surface & clean the dust by an air compressor or wash the surface with water. Oil & grease must be removed using degreasing solvents.
    Any damaged surface must be repaired by using polymer modified repair mortar.
  2. Mixing
    Shake well the liquid component to a homogenous milky colour, before mixing transfer entire quantity of liquid component into a suitable clean mixing vessel, gradually start addition of power component under constant mixing with a stirrer using a pneumatic or electric power tool (1KW) at slow speed at 250 -300 rpm for 3-5 minutes to a homogeneous & uniform free-flowing slurry.

Available Pack Size:  15Kg, 3Kg


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