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The Look and Feel of Real Wood Comes at a Price
• Wood is expensive and requires on-going, costly maintenance.
• The family deck has to be stained and water-proofed with toxic chemicals.
• The wooden siding needs an expensive paint job every few years.
• Wooden fencing requires constant repair, and time-consuming paint jobs to keep up appearances.
• Real wood accents add to the cost of any home improvement or new construction.

  • All colors and patterns shown are for reference only.
  • All colors and patterns shown are for reference only.
    NewTechWood’s : The Look of Wood Without the Worry
    NewTechWood’s uses recycled wood and plastics to create a fully-customizable improvement on traditional wood building products. NewTechWood delivers the natural look of wood without on-going, time-consuming maintenance and expense.
    NewTechWood looks like wood, but it’s durable, environmentally friendly, and you won’t spend hours staining and sealing your deck or home siding.
    What makes NewTechWood the best choice for homeowners and contractors?
    • strength and durability: NewTechWood is stain-proof, mildew- and mold-proof, no cracking, no need for oiling or painting. • convenience: NewTechWood is easy to install and ultra-easy to maintain.
    • appearance: NewTechWood looks like real wood – even up close.
    • cost: NewTechWood products deliver value, while adding value to your home.
    • living space: a NewTechWood deck adds outdoor living space for the entire family to enjoy, and at a low cost.
    • premium fabrication: NewTechWood uses the finest in recycled materials to deliver the highest-quality product to homeowners
    and homebuilders.
    • environmentally-friendly: NewTechWood is fabricated from recycled wood and plastic, and it’s 100% recyclable, leaving no carbon footprint. Go green. Look great!
    Using its patent-pending process, called , delivers convenience, reliability, and a realistic texture that, not only makes your life better, all NewTechWood products combine the proven strength of high-density, recycled plastic with realistic wood fibers to deliver the look of wood; the look you demand.
    : Ultra-Simple
    is enclosed in an impermeable seal so your deck or home siding stands up to weather, sun, water, scuffs and scrapes. Your
    home looks good down the line because, with built in.

Spanish Walnut Siding in Australia
Concerned, responsible families care about the future of our planet. They recycle, preserve, and protect the natural beauty all around us.
Now, you can, too, with NewTechWood’s commitment to a cleaner, brighter future for our planet and future generations.
What Makes NewTechWood the Smart Green Choice?
All NewTechWood products are produced using 95% recycled materials including plastic bottles, reclaimed wood fibers, and
other products that would normally end up in a landfill.

NewTechWood undertakes annual, third-party audits to assure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations and guidelines – a demonstration of our commitment to a greener alternative to wood building products that deplete the planet’s resources.
NewTechWood shrinks your home’s carbon footprint by using recycled materials constructed to be recycled again in the future. NewTechWood conserves home energy use.
Our production processes are environmentally-friendly using energy-saving techniques to create an even greener composite that lasts for decades.
NewTechWood has been recycling plastics for 30 years. Every single month, our company saves 12,000,000 pounds of plastic from ending up in our cramped landfills.
We control the fabrication process from start to finish, including proper plastics preparation, sorting and screening raw materials, so we know exactly what each NewTechWood product contains, ensuring product consistency and integrity to the highest standards.
Because we manage production from recyclable collection to manufacture and delivery, we can provide stable pricing, and reliable product availability.

Railing Security and Stylish Good Looks
NewTechWood delivers a simple, clean railing design to complete your new deck. technology assures long-lasting durability under the most demanding conditions.
Choose railing in Hawaiian Charcoal, Peruvian Teak, Spanish Walnut or Westminster Gray – only from NewTechWood. All NewTechWood products assure reliable color consistency across the entire project.
Installation is quick, easy, and done with a patent-pending bracket system.
NewTechWood adds a level of security to your deck, porch or any elevated structure. Built to last. Built for security.

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