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Ultra Bond Self Leveling Compound EX-505

Ultra Bond Self Leveling Compound EX-505

Ultra level EX-505

Mix the Self Leveling Compound

In the mixing drum, add 9 of 10 parts (90%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%) of the water required to mix the compound according to the directions on the compound bags. 2 bags of compound will level an average garage floor. Attach the mixing paddle to the power drill and turn it on. Have your assistant pour the compound mix into the mixing drum slowly to avoid lumps. Mix up only as much compound as you can apply in 20 to 30 minutes. Once the compound is evenly blended, add the remaining water slowly as you may not need it all. Continue stirring with the paddle for 2 more minutes to smooth the self leveling compound. 

Pour the Self Leveling Compound

Pour the self leveling compound onto the concrete in long thin strips about 12 inches wide. Start at the farthest edge from your exit doorway and work toward that exit.

Proceed to Part 2 to continue. You will learn how to spread the compound, mix more compound to complete the task, about drying times and how to lightly sand to create the best finish.

Ultra Bond Wall Putty

Imagine an elegant and modish home, styled to every corner with simplicity. Each element is detailed into, apart from the walls inside. The beauty and elegance of this wall could be ruined by flaking which not only leaves a blemish on the wall but also a scar in your mind. With application of Ultrabond Wall Putty, you can leave these worries behind! Ultra Bond Wall Putty is a pre-paint base coat with unique formulation and water resisting properties, preventing flaking of your expensive wall paints.

Applying two coats of Wall Putty before painting, not only prevents flaking, but also makes it durable. Moreover, it adds to the sheen of the painted surface. As a white cement-based putty, it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp and forms a protective base. It fills up the fine pores in the walls and ceilings, giving you a smooth and dry surface for painting.


Apply Only on cement concrete/ cement plastered surfaces. Remove all dust/ loose particles from the surface before application of ultra bond wall putty

Mix ultra bond wall putty powder with water for desired consistency

idealy two coats with a maximum thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm are required for a smooth finish.

apply second coat only after the first coat is completely dry Store the bag in a dry place and open only just before use

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