Ulta Roof Proofing

Ulta Roof Proofing

Ultra Roof Proofing Using Procedure
Surface should be free from oil, grease and loose particles. In case of metal surface, remove rust and contamination for better protection, If the surface has been already treated with asphalt or bitumen coatings or roofing’s felts and any blisters, peel-off traces, loose laying, etc. must be cut away and be properly filled. Masonry joints must be flush jointed. In case of tiling the roof, terrace, balcony or sun shade, the joints between the tiles should be properly filled to avoid water penetration through the joints.

Ultra Roof Proofing Mix well the container. Apply primer coat of ULTRA ROOFING i.e. 25 % -30 % diluted with water by brush , spray or roller. After the primer coat is completely dried, apply minimum two coats of undiluted ULTRA ROOFING. It is very important to ensure each coat is totally cured (i.e. 8 hours at 30°C) before the next coat is applied. For better result use ULTRA ROOFING GLASS FIBRE REINFORCING AGENT embedded into first coat of ULTRA ROOFING while still wet mainly expansion areas joints with parapet. All brushes and tools should be cleaned by water immediately after use . ULTRA ROOFING can be diluted with water ( 5-10 % ) for easy application.

COVERAGE-depend upon the nature of the surface to be applied. But on average, smooth surface will give First Coat 350 gm/sq.mt. & 300 gm/sq.mt. (Second coat) Two coats will give 1mm dry film thickness.

SAFETY Non-hazardous. If ingested, seek medical advice.

Ultra Roof Proofing STORAGE: Minimum 12 months in unopened container. Store away from sunlight and preferably below 30°C. PACKING: ULTRA ROOFING is available in 20 kg pails 21 P ag e COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR Ultra bond

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