Ultra Proof Leak Proof Solution EX 4000

ULTRA PROOF  LEAK  PROOF  SOLUTION  EX  4000 is newly developed formula based on acrylic protective coating for the waterproofing of RCC Roofing, Bathroom floor and Walls Basement retaining walls. Pile Heads. Structural surfaces of cellars. Concrete roof slabs, floors, balcony floor slabs. Water tank and swimming pools. Bridge decks. Canals and dam walls. Structural surfaces of dikes. The waterproof coating (bottom coat) for marble, granite and other natural, stones. Suitable for steam room waterproofing. Sewage treatment plants. It forms seamless, durable membranes with excellent waterproofing protection. It is an environment-friendly non toxically waterproof coating provides strong adhesion.

How To Use
Terrace waterproofing is a very critical area as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rainwater which in due course starts seeping inside the slab. Over time the deterioration of the surface will increase leading to more damage.

Following areas need to be given special attention while waterproofing.

Pipes running over the roof or parapet wall.
Electric wires or cables conduits.
Rainwater drain outlets with proper size and number.
The threshold at the staircase door.
Water tank, dish antenna, split AC unit bases.
During surface preparation, an important thing is the fining of drain outlets.

Available Pack Size: 20Kg, 10Kg


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