LED Flood Light SMD V-P5910S Series

LED Flood Light SMD V-P5910S Series


Input Voltage:AC220-240V

Waterproof grade:IP65


Beam Angle:120degs

Surface Color:Dark grey

Lumen Flux:100lm/w

Color Temperature:White(6500K)/Warm white(3500K)

Item No. Power Item size PCS/CTN Packing size
V-P5910S SMD 10W 99*129*44mm 30 57*17.5*40cm
V-P5920S SMD 20W 135*175*44mm 20 57*17.5*37.5cm
V-P5930S SMD 30W 175*215*47mm 15 52.5*37*37.5cm
V-P5950S SMD 50W 225*275*48mm 50 52.5*37*31.5cm
V-P59100S SMD 100W 275*325*53mm 5 38*31.5*39cm
V-P59200S SMD 200W 335*435*65mm 3 39.8*28*49cm
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