Areej sharjah wc 3061

د.إ400.00 د.إ350.00


Areej sharjah wc 3061

د.إ400.00 د.إ350.00

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S-trap: 250mm


Areej sharjah wc Company profile the overall high. end bathroom. china porcelain, is a set design , production and marketing in one of the Our company is located in China porcelain. is a set design , production after years of unremitting efforts and enterprising.

has developed into a professional enterprises. after years of unremitting efforts and entert nitary ware production enterprises.

with strong technical force.

We always adhere large – scale integrated sanitary ware production enterprises , with strong technic to the

” quality first so customer first ” purpose.

We can realize the new era of enterprise development principle. ” people – oriented , quality win

” pay att ent and foreign advanced technology and Scientific management mode. and practice together. so that we can be more improved and stable development .



quality Analytics

Ceramic characteristics 1280 high temperature refining makes the products truly so full porcelain and has the advantages of high temperature resistance.

wear resistance but no water absorption. Imported special glaze formula, glazed surface is fine and smooth.

surface wear resistance, good stain resistance, easy to clean. Long term use to ensure the nevw Introduction of ceramic products:

1. Ceramic raw materials Porcelain and glaze materials contain basically the same raw materials, but the ratio of raw materials is different Main ingredients:

Feldspar, quartz, Zinc Oxide, zirconia, aluminum powder,

Magnesium Oxide and pigment.K20 SiO2 ZnO Zn02 A12 03 Mg O Clay: clay used for making pottery and porcelain.

Porcelain: finished products that are not completely glazed without firing at high temperature.

The difference between porcelain and pottery: raw material formula, water absorption and firing temperature Slurry: raw material used for molding grouting.

Glaze: the raw material used for spraying glaze for semi finished so products Production process: ball illing, sieving, iron removal and pool storage.

Ball milling and screening must reach 325 items of national standard.

2. Mold Plaster mold for forming grouting Material: Gypsum powder Features fast water absorption but short set time, easy repair, and low price.

Grouting times: 80-120 times. So Production process:3D drawing design, original model artificial sculpture, master mold made of resin, through The sub-modules produced by the master mold are used to form grouting.

3. So Molding grouting Slurry is injected into a plaster mold to form a semi-finished body. At least two module models per molded product combination.

method: Single surface suction. The production processis funded and filled with pulp, demoulded, spliced and punched, but trimmed.



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