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Maintenance in Sharjah


Electrical Work – We are a leading agency in the UAE responsible for all types of electrical work.  

We are able to perform Amc Cantract on a yearly basis including switch body fitting, fuse bulb replacement, short circuit fixing, light replacement, exctention and missing detection, as well as all electrical work in the house.

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition to the service we provide,

you can purchase electrical goods from our online store, .online, at Teckyonline, a subsidiary of Arabian Ghasil Services LLC. .online is based in Union Mall.  Yes, it is.

We work in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman, and in most of the provinces of the UAE.

Electronic work on the pannel board and fittings of appliances, Fan fittings, decoration light fittings and anything else we can contact.

Plumbing– All kinds of plumbing work is done.  Also, Pipe Joint WC Fitting Bath Tub Fitting, New Pipeline Fitting Shower Fit, Replacing Old Wash Basin and fixing clogged Pipes, etc…

    We have skilled workers in it to do the plumbing work, which also applies to AMC, Amc can help you save money and save time. 

    Another important piece of work is the watertank cleaning, we can call for cleaning and fitting water tank.

painting– The talented painting workers with us are waiting for your call at any moment.  We are painting your home look great.

  We also help you choose the color that suits you best.  Painting is not an easy job.  Once you know us you have to assign your house painting job then you will understand. 

     If there are any signs or signs in the house that we once did, you can let us know. we have with you for help 24/7.

Tile fixing– Performs all kinds of tilefixing tasks.  Whatever it is for the bathroom or the home, our experienced mason’s it in part, helping you choose the size of the tiles and giving you the necessary instructions from one of you.  

      union mall are the perfect place to buy tiles and related things. You have a large collection of our tiles You can buy tiles from our showroom at affordable prices.  Also click on this linkil option to select tiles from our online store

     We have a lot of customers in Dubai.  We invite you to be one of them, and you get its services at AMC. You need to take quotation from us looking for maintenance companies because it will save you money and get good work.

Handyman-You know, a man named Handyman is indispensable in a maintenance company and our Handyman can help you in every way.  

Our handyman is capable of doing all things small and large in a home,

we have handymans available at every province call out.

call now +971554249194

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